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Distance Learning Information

posted Mar 24, 2020, 10:42 AM by Alyson Ogaz
  • The Distance Learning will begin for ALL students on Monday, March 30th.  As of now, this type of learning is from Monday, March 30th through Thursday, April 16th.  Teachers have been working and will continue to work on setting up their Google Classrooms.  Students should have received an invite to Google Classroom or another method that some teachers are using to send students information on assignments that students will be expected to complete. This plan will still allow ALL students to complete assignments and receive credit for their classes. If students are not receiving emails from teachers, here are a few suggestions:
    • students can navigate to, sign in with the student google account, and then click the blue "Join" button for your class.   
    • contact your teachers via email  
    • Students in Mr. Pechek's classes will use Mathia  to complete assignments and students in Mr. Santry's classes will use Achieve 3000....these teachers will assign your work using those programs.
  • Please note, D60 is developing a plan to assist high school students who may not have access to an electronic device or the Internet.  Details will be shared as soon as they are available. There is a Google Classroom App that  can be downloaded on a phone, this would help students see assignments and communicate with their teachers. Comcast and a few other companies are offering free internet to families, it would be worth checking out if you are in need of internet.
  • All FRESHMEN students, check your email, Mrs. Martinez shared a Google Doc that allows you to pick classes for next year...please do this as soon as possible, as we always do, we start our scheduling process in March...we will continue to do this, so that we are ready for next year. 
  • 3rd Quarter Grades have been posted on Infinite Campus-please check your grades....any SENIOR who failed a class, you will be contacted by your Counselor/Mrs. Mehess.  
  • Those students who have APEX classes, you NEED to continue working on them.  If you need assistance, please reach out to Mrs. Medina, Mr. Anderson, or Mrs. Martinez.
  • Please remember, this is a learning process for ALL of us.  The Central High School Staff have been working on putting structures in place, and we are still meeting as a staff, using's a really cool method to be able to talk and see people! It is important to have structures in place, so please work with your student(s) so that they are able to check Google Classroom each day and work on their assigments as well. We appreciate ALL that you are doing to help with this transition.
  • All CHS events have been postponed until May...and on a Good Note, several of our ART students were recognized for their projects at the Pueblo Art Gild Student Show...this can be seen on you-tube...Congratulations Wildcats! 
  • Included in this email are two surveys. Before the District Closure, The Boys and Girls Club had reached out and they want to partner with Central High School, so that we would have a Boys and Girls Club in the building for our high school students...we would be the first high school to partner with them in's a great opportunity, but they need some information in order to figure out how to best serve our kids next year.  If you have time, there is a student survey and a parent survey attached to this email. You can send them to, she is the program director for the Boys and Girls Club.  Thank you for help with this, I really want to provide this opportunity for our kids next year at Central!
This is a difficult time for ALL of us, please remember to take care of yourself, your family, stay strong! Remember, at Central High School, We Learn Today, So We Can Lead Tomorrow....and ALL Wildcats (past, present and future) are LEADERS! And as Always, BE A CAT! Goodnight Wildcats and Wildcat Families!